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Welcome to Viskan Logistics, where we've mastered the intricate dance of supply chain and logistics over the years.

Our Journey

Established in 1995 with a single project from NAL, our legacy has only grown, drawing strength from our parent entities - Viskan Associates and Viskan Aviation Private Limited. From our humble beginnings, we've expanded our wings across various locations, offering a broad spectrum of services with an empowered team of over 1200 professionals.

Our Philosophy

At it's heart of Viskan Logistics is a commitment to simplicity, efficiency, and precision. We believe in a lean, task-oriented approach, uniquely positioning us to pinpoint and eradicate wastage in the Supply Chain and Logistics system. It's not just about providing solutions; it's about crafting experiences that make logistics seamless for our clients.

Our Expertise

With a significant footprint in the Southern and Western parts of India, we've honed our skills, understanding the dynamism of the logistics business inside out. This experience allows us to offer unparalleled services, from strategic warehousing to cutting-edge transportation solutions.

Our Promise

Every partnership we forge, every solution we provide, is built on a foundation of trust and excellence. We're not just another logistics company; we're your partners in creating integrated supply chains, ensuring high-quality and cost-effective services at every step.

Join Us

Explore our wide range of services, dive deep into our legacy, and discover the Viskan difference. Whether you're a business looking for reliable logistics solutions or a passionate professional seeking a career in the logistics world, Viskan Logistics is the destination.

Thank you for visiting us, and we look forward to forging a successful journey together.

Dreaming Bigger, Soaring Higher.

Chairman & Managing Director

Mr.V. S. Manimaran

Eos no dico graeci sea, debet nihil omnium quodsi quot dolores percipit.

Satisfied Client

George Moreno

Logistics Solutions, Elevated.

Optimized Spaces, Maximized Efficiencies.

Ensure streamlined operations with our optimally located and efficiently managed warehouses.

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Wherever You Are, We Deliver.

Benefit from our comprehensive multi-modal transportation network for timely and reliable deliveries.

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Turning Returns into Opportunities.

Cost-effective solutions with a touch of innovative packaging design.

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Mastering Complexities, Delivering Simplicity.

Dive deep into our expertise spanning over two decades in the automotive industry.

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