Property Management System
Property Management System
Property Management System
Property Management System
Viskan Group
Since 1995
Viskan Logistics serves local, national and international
businesses, specializing inLogistics Solutions.

Viskan Logistics believes that a strategically located warehouse, its optimized inventory and cost effective & efficient management will have direct impact on its customer's inbound & outbound operations.

Viskan Logistics has hands on experience and expertise for a most efficient and reliable multi-modal transportation for domestic and overseas movements through own presence and channel partners.

We understand your in-plant operations, a most complex, well with a competitive edge since Viskan possesses operational know-how since two decades in automotive industry.We have a consortium of directors and staffs..

We are proud in stating that we have set the new standards in the spare parts industry on quality deliverables.    Our value proposition is unique to the customer and it is driven by service level Indicators.

About Viskan Logistics

After the invention of Wheels, immediately we started working on the Logistics... No…no…we
don’t want to tell you stories like this, We are a simple, lean, task oriented team to perform and just help you to identify and eliminate the wastage in the Supply Chain and Logistics system.…

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